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Better Body San Diego Podcast
Fitness & Nutrition Tips
Category: Fitness & Nutrition
Location: Mission Hills neighborhood, San Diego
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Fitness Together Mission Hills [http://fitnesstogether.com/missionhills] offers personal training with qualified professionals ...

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May 01, 2013 09:57 PM PDT

http://fitnesstogether.com/missionhills - Around this time of the year, as opportunities arise to trade in daily workouts for work, and personal extracurricular activities, you may be tempted to skip your workout and derail your health and fitness goals.To help keep you focused on your ultimate fitness goals and ensure your workout commitments stay intact, incorporate the following techniques for continued health and fitness throughout the year.

Change it Up: If your workouts are getting dull, start off fresh by trying a new workout routine or activity. Do you current routine backwards, or cut it into thirds and move the thirds around in the workout. If you’re lacking motivation and looking for a social outlet, challenge a friend, colleague or family member to pair up so you don’t have to go it solo.  Or, one-on-one personal training can keep you on track with a customized workout and nutrition plan designed to meet your specific health and fitness goals.

Pen it In: Regularly scheduled workouts make exercising a priority in your busy life and turn a tentative penciled in obligation into an inked commitment. By making routine fitness appointments with yourself, you eliminate the urge to second guess yourself or make excuses for bailing on your workout. When you build out your time budget, make sure that this is in it.

Buddy Up: When a friend is relying on you to show up for your workout each and every day, you are less likely to skip out on your fitness routine. Find a buddy to work out with to increase your accountability, add a social aspect to your routine and have someone to share the journey with to overall health and fitness. The extra push you get from someone in the trench with you, can and will reignite any dormant fitness flames. 

Go When You Don’t Want To: The mental boost you get from fighting off the bailout thoughts is extremely rewarding. Once you get started; and your heart rate comes up, and those endorphins start dancing about, suddenly you’re alive again. Some of my best workouts came on the back of not wanting, or feeling up to it. The physical and mental boost was enormous.

Scale it Back: While you would love to have a full hour to work out every session, you know that isn’t always possible. Instead of bailing on your workout, when your schedule gets tight, opt for a scaled-down version of your regular routine. Focus on quality over quantity by reducing the number of exercises you do, but increase the intensity of the exercises so you can still get in a good sweat even when you’re limited on time.

Reward Yourself: To stay motivated with your workout routine, it’s important to focus your outlook and approach on positive measures. Reward yourself with positive reinforcement each time you reach a health and fitness goal and celebrate your successes when you accomplish major fitness milestones. Seeking a reward and then receiving the reward is a good mental motivator. 

Stay on track with your fitness routine by implementing the above fitness tips into your daily life. You will be glad you did when the weather allows for more and more revealing attire. Plus, your mental state of mind will be upbeat and positive as you will  know that you conquered the temptations to miss workouts that create set backs. It is a great feeling of both visual and mental accomplishments.

If you need help with keeping your workout commitments, give us a call to re-commit yourself to living a healthy and fit lifestyle. Fitness Together Mission Hills offers personal training with qualified professionals by regular appointment in private suites. Exercise and nutritional programs are custom designed to fit your needs and abilities. Call 619-794-0014 for more information or to schedule a free fitness diagnostic and private training session. See what others are saying about us on Yelp and San Diego City Search.

April 29, 2013 09:52 PM PDT

http://fitnesstogether.com/missionhills - Experts throughout the fitness community have long encouraged everyone to exercise more in order to live a healthy and fit lifestyle. Recently, the medical community has further supported the importance of encouraging adults to be more physically active, especially for individuals who have or are at high risk for life-threatening diseases such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes.1 It is more important than ever to revisit the importance of; being active and eating healthy in order to reduce the risk of diseases such as cancer, increasing fitness levels, and promoting healthy living and longevity.

According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), more than 572,000 Americans die of cancer each year, with 1/3 of the deaths linked to poor diet, physical inactivity and being overweight.2 The most important things you can do to help reduce cancer risk for you and your family include: Establishing and maintaining a healthy weight.Incorporating regular, consistent physical activity into your lifestyle.Making healthy food choices with a focus on plant-based foods. The latest recommendations from the ACS in regard to healthy physical activity levels for adults include 150 minutes of moderate intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity activities each week. Moderate activity would be equivalent to prolonged brisk walking, biking and hiking In addition to adding regular workout sessions into your daily schedule that motivate, encourage and support living a healthy lifestyle, you also can begin incorporating more active habits into your normal daily routine.

Starting today, try incorporating as many of the following approaches (suggested by ACS) as possible to support an active and healthy lifestyle. Use the stairs instead of the elevator. Walk or bike to your destination. Be active at lunch with your co-workers, family, or friends. Take a 20-minute activity break at work to stretch, or take a quick walk. Walk to visit co-workers instead of sending an e-mail message. Go dancing with your spouse or friends. Plan active vacations, rather than driving trips. Wear a pedometer every day to increase your number of daily steps. Join a sports or recreation team.Use a stationary bicycle or treadmill while watching TV. Plan your activity routine to slowly increase the days per week and minutes per session.2

Cancer is a deadly disease that continues to take the lives of too many family members and best friends in our community every year. Dedicate yourself and the one’s you love to incorporate healthy habits into your daily routine to support an active and fit lifestyle that can help to reduce the risk of this life-threatening disease.

Fitness Together Mission Hills offers personal training with qualified professionals by regular appointment in private suites. Exercise and nutritional programs are custom designed to fit your needs and abilities. Call 619-794-0014 for more information or to schedule a free assessment session. See what others are saying about us on Yelp and San Diego City Search

1Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, www.cdc.gov. 

2American Cancer Society, www.cancer.org.

March 22, 2013 10:31 PM PDT

You don't have to have an elaborate gym or a destination to get a quality workout. There are plenty of moves you can do quickly, and effectively that will shake things up and reinvigorate the day. You simply need desire, your own body weight and perhaps a dash of creativity. These 4 moves in combination make for a great short burst energy boosting heart pumping mini circuit that won't take a lot of time to execute or get results from. Start easy and try to do each exercise in 10 to 15 repetition blocks. Executing these one after another in successions done several times in sequence will AMP IT UP, tighten you up, and perk you up.

The Sit to Stand:

Take that chair you're sitting in for example. On the one hand functional, perhaps ergonomic, and if it's in your home, stylish I'm sure. Let's use it for a couple of easy moves to elevate your heart rate. First, simple sit to stands will get us going. Position your hips near the edge of the chair. Lean your upper body forward slightly, to avoid creating momentum by throwing your upper body into the move. Don't use the arm rails. Using your hands to push yourself out of the chair weakens your legs. Take an inhale breath and as you stand up, then exhale. Try foot pressure variations. Toe pressure generally drives through the quads, while heel pressure generally enlists the hamstrings and glutes.

The Lunge:

This is one of the best body weight moves you can do for your buns. It also hits your hamstrings and quads to give a well rounded leg and glute workout.

An additional benefit, based on how many lunges you execute, is the cardio pump it delivers. Your lunge steps should be far enough apart to be able to get to 90 degrees on both the forward step, and with the aft knee that drops to the floor. If you let the aft knee touch the floor but not rest there upon, and keep the forward knee from extending beyond its toe line, you have reached Lunge Nirvana. ….uh, and yes, there is such a place. The combination of the Lunge and Sit to Stand will insure the junk in your trunk stays organized, manageable, tight and firm.

The Push Up:

This top upper body strength builder can be done in multiple positions from hands and toes, or hands and knees. The key to the movement is a tight rigid body and holding the plank posture through the entire eccentric and concentric movement. Breathing is key, as you want to inhale in the lowering (eccentric) phase and exhale in the lifting (concentric) phase. If you hold your breath it will wipe you out, so breath through it. Put a book or similar touch target on the floor to maintain consistent depth of movement. Additionally, differing hand/arm combinations   move the resistance to differing body parts. For example, bringing your hands to an inside position where 4 to 6 inches separate them and keeping your elbows inward grazing your rib cage, works shoulders and triceps to a greater degree. Where, a wide hand and wide elbow position hits chest full on.


The Pull Up:

Most of us hate these. I get that, but those that "get over it" understand that full benefits of "pulling your weight". Similar hand arm location variations in the pull up can move the resistance just like the push up does. Wide hands in an over handed grip equal a wider stressor on the upper back, while a narrow grip underhanded, brings the stress more toward the mid back and biceps. If you are not able to do a full body weight pull up just yet, use a lower reach where your heels can rest on the floor with your body is planked out much like in the posture of a push up. This will allow you to adjust your weight based on the angle of your body. Thumb in a five finger grip, or thumb over in a 4 finger claw grip, are worth trying in the over handed and underhanded grip techniques. NIKE


At 10 reps per, that's 40 reps per circuit, 50 if you count each lunge on a per leg basis. Got to 15 reps and do the math...quite a work out. Do the entire sequence 4 or 5 times and feel your body purr.


Fitness Together Mission Hills offers personal training with qualified professionals by regular appointment in private suites. Exercise and nutritional programs are custom designed to fit your needs and abilities. Call619-794-0014 for more information or to schedule a free fitness diagnostic and private training session. See what others are saying about us on Yelp and San Diego City Search.

February 15, 2013 12:00 AM PST

http://fitnesstogether.com/missionhills/blog - Can’t remember where you parked the car or if you unplugged the coffee pot? Worried that as you age, your memory and cognitive skills will deteriorate? Never fear—a regular exercise routine will strengthen your brain as well as your muscles!

New research shows that even older adults who are physically active have a reduced risk of developing many forms of dementia. So suggests a study in the January 9, 2013 Archives of Neurology. No doubt about it, a program of regular exercise and healthy eating has immense benefits for the mind.

What’s the best type of fitness program for promoting brain health?
Different types of exercise positively affect the brain in different ways. What you eat also affects your brain health. Here are three scientifically proven lifestyle changes you can make that when combined together are the best way to sharpen those brain cells and protect against dementia.

  1. Eat a nutritious, antioxidant-filled diet. Now is the time to change those unhealthy eating habits. Try to bump up your intake of colorful fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and good fats. 
  2. Daily cardio exercise. You are probably already aware that regular aerobic exercise is key for keeping your body lean and your cardiovascular system fit. What you might not know is that cardio exercise has also been shown to boost brain power by stimulating the formation of new brain cells, or neurons, and the connections between those cells, regardless of age. 
  3. Strength training. You’re never too old to see improvements in brain power with a program of regular strength training. Those are the findings from a recent study published in the prestigious medical journal the Annals of Internal Medicine. The study demonstrated that a regular program of strength training improves cognitive function in women aged 65 to 75 years old. What’s more, researchers showed that strength training also helps the wallet: The strength training group incurred fewer health care costs and had fewer falls than the subjects who were restricted to just balance and toning exercises.

Fitness Together Mission Hills offers personal training with qualified professionals by regular appointment in private suites. Exercise and nutritional programs are custom designed to fit your needs and abilities. Call 619-794-0014 for more information or to schedule a free assessment session. See what others are saying about us on Yelp and San Diego City Search.

February 08, 2013 04:31 PM PST

http://www.fitnesstogether.com/missionhills - For the most part when we eat, we don't think of our food as fuel. Yet what we eat provides the energy we need for our day's work and play.

However, most of us lose sight of the grade of fuel we consume, or we are swayed by convenience to settle for less than Premium, which is what our bodies need and deserve.

A good "Food As Fuel" plan answers three key questions:1. What is it exactly that I am eating? 2. How it is prepared? and 3. How is it ultimately providing the energy I need?
Note the word “plan." It confirms action.

We “set the table” for a fuel deficiency when we make our food choices for reasons such as: boredom, convenience, loneliness, comfort, depression, socialization, for the crunch, for the taste, and for the pure enjoyment of the decadence of it.

Instead, we would benefit from a conscious examination of our eating motivations and what we chow down on as a result. Our body is a complex machine that requires the right combinations of foods to keep it running at peak efficiency. Put low octane grade gasoline in your high end sports car and get less horsepower, less performance, less efficiency and ultimately, more bills from your mechanic. The same thing applies with the food you eat every day and your body. One quarter of what we eat keeps us alive. Three quarters of what we eat keeps our Doctors busy and wealthy.

Start your day with a balanced breakfast. A cup of joe and a slice of toast, or triple shot latté with a scone will rev up your heart rate getting your motor running. But once you get to the office, you’ll be faced with a “fuel crisis” jolt of hunger that you will satisfy with whatever is available in the vending machine or break room.

When we lose control of choice, we lose sight of fuel, as we’ll eat anything to end the hunger pains, usually out of convenience. Choice is recognizing the difference between comfort/convenience and fuel.

If you want to perform better, be more alert and alive, then eat the higher octane quality fuels. Drop your propensity for fast foods as the only thing they do fast is make you fat, and leave you longing for more due to their typically high fat and sugar content.

Fresh and whole, ground to mouth, made at home, ported to and fro is the best way to go. If you control it; then you can fuel your body with what it needs. Small and frequent, portion size-appropriate, quality calories targeted at weight maintenance or loss, specific to you and your goals.

Think of the word “diet” as your DAILY INTAKE OF ENERGY TREATS.

Your daily eating plan should consist of 5 to 7 small meals a day. That should be your daily intake of energy treats--your FUEL.

All good things begin and end with a purposeful plan of attack. No need to deprive yourself of eating, just consume real foods, not packaged or pre-cooked, for a healthy fueling plan.

Stop and think about the foods people ate back in the 1800’s: vegetables grown in the ground, fruits off the trees, animals that were hunted, fish that were caught, and grains that were picked. There were no pasta primavera, cheese enchiladas or chili rellenos and definitely, no burgers and fries. Have you ever seen any burger stands on the Ponderosa? Not likely.

Of course, those days were much more primitive and cooked foods were prepared over a wood-burning fire. There were no microwaves or fancy ovens, no food processors or pasta machines and no refrigeration. Fast food was literally fast. If you were fast enough and smart enough to catch it, you ate. What was caught that day was eaten…that day. Food was fresh, all-natural with no preservatives and prepared over a fire or eaten raw. Perhaps not completely practical today, but the point is, our fitness level is won and lost at the food table.

We simply cannot out train bad nutrition no matter how hard we work at it. Embrace the idea that it is ok to be uncomfortable, and you should be somewhat uncomfortable making choices you know you should make, but in the past rolled over on. It’s a one-meal/one-workout-at-a-time approach, using the word “fuel” as mental and physical propulsion through your fitness regimen. Let’s fill 'er up and get going! You can do it.

Fitness Together Mission Hills offers personal training with qualified professionals by regular appointment in private suites. Exercise and nutritional programs are custom designed to fit your needs and abilities. Call 619-794-0014 for more information or to schedule a free assessment session. See what others are saying about us on Yelp and San Diego City Search.

January 28, 2013 12:00 AM PST

http://fitnesstogether.com/missionhills - Most of us look at each new year as fresh start opportunity. That's why New Year's resolutions are so popular. They give us the definitive chance to hit the reset button or commit to new goals we've maybe been lax about. 
Unfortunately, the resolution fail rate is high and there are a number of reasons why. 
First, winter is a naturally dormant time of year, so starting something new goes a bit against our biological grain. You have to be really committed and focused to launch a new program and stay the course.
Second, the holidays are followed immediately by back to work and back to school frenzies and for many it feels like our busy lifestyles are especially busy this time of year.
Third, inertia rules. Newton's first law of physics could be the personal motto for many of us: A body at rest tends to stay at rest unless acted upon by another force—in this case, an inner force called resoluteness.
So what's the prescription for success in the face of these odds? The first one, according to Blake Beckcom, owner and lead trainer at Fitness Together Mission Hills, is Commitment Then Action. 
One way to create a deeper level of health and fitness commitment is by working out with someone and not going it alone. Research indicates that the presence of others around you during a workout session and the effects of competition can have a positive influence on your exertion and fitness performance levels.  
A fitness buddy on the same path as you, can become a "partner in the trenches" helping you to work harder at it, and to stay the course. A Professional Fitness Trainer creates safe effective workouts geared to where you are fitness wise, and self accountability via an appointment system. 
Whether it is a fitness buddy or Personal Trainer, in either case, accountability is borne out of expectations. It is a lot easier to get yourself off the couch and out the door if you know someone is waiting to workout with you.

Fitness Together Mission Hills offers personal training with qualified professionals by regular appointment in private suites. Exercise and nutritional programs are custom designed to fit your needs and abilities. Call 619-794-0014 for more information or to schedule a free assessment session. See what others are saying about us on Yelp and San Diego City Search.

January 23, 2013 07:31 PM PST

Happy New Year...or is it, given that your entire holiday jam-packed, "do more," day timer event over load has led you to a New Year's cold??

Just couldn't say no, eh? Took on too much, did you? Probably ate erratically; had a bit more sugar than usual; a few more glasses of wine than you should have, and now what? Sniffles, sneezes, can't taste, don't want to eat, can't smell, can't breathe, can't sleep. Oh, what a New Year it is!

Now, I can't cure the cold you have today, but if you want to avoid one next time listen up, you of great cheer.

A recent study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine reminds us that exercise revs up the immune system and can prevent what you are coping with now as you lay watery eyed, tissue in hand.

For the study, researchers collected data on 1,002 men and women from ages 18 to 85. Over 12 weeks in the Autumn and Winter of 2008, the researchers tracked the number of upper respiratory tract infections the participants suffered. The study accounted for a variety of factors, including age, body mass index and education.

After taking those factors into account, the researchers found the most significant factors were perceived fitness levels—what participants thought their fitness level to be—and the amount of exercise the participants got—their actual fitness levels.

In the study, all the participants reported how much and what kinds of exercise they did weekly, and rated their fitness levels using a 10-point system. They were also quizzed about their lifestyles, dietary patterns and stressful events, all of which can affect the immune system. You hear that? The BIG 3: Lifestyle, Diet, Stress. Manage these three, be ill less often. Makes total sense.

Not surprisingly, the researchers found that the frequency of colds among people who exercised five or more days a week was up to 46 percent less than those who were largely sedentary—that is, who exercised only one day or less of the week.

In addition, the number of days people suffered cold symptoms was 41 percent lower among those who were physically active on five or more days of the week, compared to the largely sedentary group.

The group that felt the fittest also experienced 34 percent fewer days of cold symptoms than those were felt the least fit. Colds also appeared to be less severe for those in better shape.

Among those who felt the fittest, the severity of symptoms dropped by 32 percent and by 41 percent among those who exercised most, the researchers note.

Exercise activates the immune system playing a major role in illness prevention.

The psychological effects of exercise make a significant contribution as well. Those that "feel better" and "feel fitter" have a psychological advantage in that they, in essence, "think their ways healthy." Having an exercise outlet, they fend off stress; a major causation of illness, more effectively, and due to their physical and psychological advantages get sick less often, less severely and recover faster. Raise your shot glass of Nyquil in celebration of that good news. Here's a toast!

Listen, what you feel, what you think, and how you move make a huge difference in illness prevention. Given you have a cold now, I know you probably don't "think" or "feel" like you can "move." But when you recover, make a resolution to get in shape to help prevent it from happening again. If you need some motivation to get started, call Fitness Together Mission Hills at 619-794-0014 and ask about our New Year's promotion. It'll get your engine revving again.

Fitness Together Mission Hills offers personal training with qualified professionals by regular appointment in private suites. Exercise and nutritional programs are custom designed to fit your needs and abilities. Call 619-794-0014 for more information or to schedule a free assessment session. See what others are saying about us on Yelp and San Diego City Search.

December 22, 2012 02:30 PM PST

When you think about it, the holidays really boil down to just three days: Thanksgiving, Christmas (or Chanukah), and New Year’s. If you gorge only on those three days, you probably wouldn’t cause too much damage. However, many of us take on that holiday mentality of six weeks of nonstop feasting and putting our regular exercise routine on the back burner. Plus, let’s face it, this time of year is very hectic and stress filled—many commitments compete for our precious time. So start now to strategize how you’ll move yourself to the top of your Christmas gift list by making you and your fitness and healthy eating habits a priority. 

http://fitnesstogether.com/missionhills - Fitness Together Mission Hills offers personal training with qualified professionals by regular appointment in private suites. Exercise and nutritional programs are custom designed to fit your needs and abilities. Call 619-794-0014 for more information or to schedule a free assessment session.

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